Still dreaming of the perfect cup of coffee?

You open your eyes to the first glimmer of light beckoning a brand new day.  A day that is reflected in the dark roast coffee you are holding in your mug.  The sweet aroma of honey-nut fills your senses and tiny hints of plum and allspice dance around you.  You wonder for a small second if you are still dreaming.

Still searching for that perfect cup of coffee?  Look no further; Costa Rican Tres Rios Valdivia Coffee roasts to sheer perfection.  Coffees produced in the Tres Rios region are known for their sweet and bright flavor.  Nurtured and grown in the cool volcanic mountains these coffee beans are sure to make the perfect cup!

There is one more secret to enjoying the perfect cup of coffee…someone to share it with, of coarse!  Life is about moments and perfect moments are sometimes the most simple.  These simple moments are usually made perfect because you share them with someone that makes you smile.

No time to visit Tres Rios, Costa Rica’s main coffee growing region?  No need to worry, you can order these delicious beans online at Caribbean Trading Company!

You look back down at your coffee and you look across the table as you share a delicious cup with an old friend…you are no longer dreaming!  You smile and you see your smile reflected back at you in the perfect cup…It’s going to be a great day!