6 Reasons Why Packing Smart Makes Your Travel Experience More Enjoyable


Travel should be an unforgettable experience…but memorable for the right reasons! For anyone who has had a terrible holiday before, you will know all too well how frustrating it can be to spend a fortune on vacation only to have all the fun stripped away for one reason or another. Although there are some things you can’t control, like the weather or delayed flights, etc., other things like packing are entirely within your control. How you pack can have an outsized influence on how much you enjoy your time and how stress-free events will be. This post will explain six good reasons why getting your packing on point will make your traveling experience that much more enjoyable.

No More Lugging Around A Heavy Suitcase!

Heavy suitcases are the bane of travelers worldwide. Not only are they more likely to attract additional check-in fees (more on that later), but they will also ruin your trip by making you feel tired before you’ve even begun. Intelligent packing starts and ends with eth right case, and if you’re looking for something durable and lightweight for your next trip, you can’t go wrong with a decent hardshell model. As long as they are made using the best materials, you’ll find them to be easier to pack, lighter in weight, and far more durable than their softshell brethren. Additionally, they are often easier to move around since their rigidity makes them easier to snap into movement and turn corners. The give you find in softer luggage can make maneuvering around tight corners a chore and not much fun for those with bad joints.

You’ll Always Have What You Need Without Overpacking

As you will see in the last point, taking the time to carefully consider your packing habits can change your life. However, with some forethought, you will always have precisely what you need without worrying about packing too much. Many times, people tend to panic and throw a load of things into their bags without thinking. This is wildly counter-productive and often means you end up with too much stuff you will never use. Instead, you should lay your belongings out and then sort them into piles of “yes’. “No,” “maybe.” Everything in the “no” pile can be put away immediately, and then you can repeat the process. You’ll be surprised at how much you will never need and how freeing it can make you feel.

Less Time Spent Rummaging Through Your Bags

Packing less (aka intelligent packing) essentially means you will spend less time rummaging around for things when you arrive at your destination and more time doing everything in your itinerary. Additionally, if you have a quality suitcase, it should include multiple compartments you can use to refine your items further and ultimately make it easier for you to find things. For example, when you arrive at your hotel, you probably first grab your charger and plug in your phone. And, if it’s in its own little cubby, you will spend less time looking for it and more time sleeping away the jetlag! Furthermore, less clothing means less dirty clothing to get washed to stash away in the inevitable “dirty cloths’ bin bag at the conclusion of your trip! 

You Can Save Money By Avoiding Extra Baggage Fees

The wrong bag combined with poor packing practices will result in you getting well and truly scalped when checking in your luggage. Airlines usually offer a pretty decent 20kg allowance per person, but when you factor in a 5kg case and a mound of clothing you threw in at the last moment, you will soon discover the weight adding up very quickly. If you want to avoid these additional fees (which can be substantial with many airlines), you should choose a lightweight bag and take your time packing the things you will need for your adventure.

Packing Light Means You Can Travel More Freely And Spontaneously

Less stuff means it’s far more manageable to simply up sticks and move somewhere else. This might be as simple as moving to different accommodations or traveling to another city in the region. The more stuff you travel with, the less likely you are to have the motivation to do so. While this might be fine if you want to stay in one location, those who have wanderlust will appreciate being able to move around freely.

It’s A Great Way To Challenge Yourself And Simplify Your Life

It might sound peculiar, but altering your packing habits can give you a different outlook on life. If you are a perennial over-packer, you will discover a new lease on life and a more profound sense of motivation from bringing less.

Everyone can benefit from the correct luggage and a proper packing routine regardless of how you travel. Bringing as little as possible will make you feel much freer and enable you to have more fun.

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