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pineapple relish
Main Dish, Seasonings

Rum Spiced Steak with Pineapple Relish

Pineapple relish paired with this Rum Spiced Steak offers a truly Caribbean inspiration to your steak dish.  The pineapple relish adds a nice citrusy-y flavor and balances out nicely with the rum spice and Worcestershire.  Rum and pineapple are a natur […]

Seafood skewers
Main Dish, Seasonings

Tequila Lime Seafood Skewers

Yum! These Tequila Lime Seafood Skewers are light and citrus-y and perfect on the barbecue. This will pair nicely with a side of rice – either white or whole grain. Also consider quinoa or a rice pilaf. Ingredients Needed for the Tequila Lime Seafood S […]

beer can chicken
Main Dish, Seasonings

Drunk Jerk Chicken

This is a variation on beer can chicken.  Drunk Jerk chicken is a Caribbean twist on the classic drunk chicken recipe.   A bit of jerk gives this moist and yummy chicken recipe a whole new facelift. Choosing your Beer: Now, surprisingly there are many […]


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