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shrimp marinade
Appetizers, Seasonings

Chilly Caribbean Shrimp

This cold shrimp dish is super easy to make. Looking for the perfect appetizer to satisfy your guests? Give Chilly Caribbean Shrimp a try. Ingredients needed for this Cold Shrimp Dish 2 lbs large shrimp, cooked, peeled, tails intact Juice of 2 limes 1 […]

marinated shrimp on the grill
Appetizers, Main Dish, Seasonings

Garlic Marinated Shrimp on the Grill

These garlic marinated shrimp on the grill are absolutely delicious!  These shrimp on skewers, or Pinchos as they are known in Puerto Rico are perfect for a light stand-alone meal or as part of a barbecue. Ingredients Needed to make this marinated shri […]


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