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Nothing says the Caribbean like a glass of rum and a fine cigar. These postings are all about Captain Tim’s travels with Caribbean cigars.

The Caribbean Cigar Experience

Caribbean Cigars with Roses

  Caribbean cigars. When we think of the best cigars in the world, Caribbean cigars, we often turn our attention to Cuba.  This is where the best cigar rollers are said to be based. However, the entire Caribbean region has become a major rival to Cuba. Many expert cigar rollers and tobacco companies located in […]

Cigars: A Puerto Rican Tradition


The tradition of Puerto Rican Cigars reaches far into the past, where, hundreds of years ago on the Island of Enchantment, native Taino Indians cultivated the majestic tobacco leaf to produce a hand-rolled tube of cured tobacco, which they named sikar. The term Sikar was then taken immediately into the Spanish language as cigarro. Snuff […]

Caribbean Premium Cigars

Cigars are one of life’s simple luxuries. But do you know how to select a great cigar for your personal tastes? This guide will help you become acquainted with the characteristics of a fine cigar and what criteria you will need to consider. First things first: If you’re looking for quality, limit your search to […]