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Caribbean Trading Company carries a line of wholesale gourmet and spa products. Bring a little bit of the Caribbean home with you!

Jerk Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

bacon tater tots

This yummy little app hits all of the right spots to make for a WOW appetizer.  The jerk barbecue sauce pairs perfectly with the bacon to put a Caribbean twist to this classic comfort food appetizer. Serves: 40 appetizers Ingredients 16 oz Hickory Smoked Bacon 40 frozen tater tots (deep fried or baked) ¾ cup […]

How Hot is Our Hot Pepper Sauce?

hot peppers

Our line of hot pepper sauces is loved by everyone, from the person who just wants flavor and a kick to the person who craves that “burns your mouth off” taste. Around the world people use the Scoville scale as a measurement of spice level to determine how hot a pepper sauce is. Our sauces […]

Health Benefits of Hot Sauce

Considering buying some Caribbean hot sauce to spice up your life? Well we have some great news for you that will help you make that decision to stock up on our mouth-watering Caribbean Trading Crushed Pepper Sauces. Hot sauce is good for you because of the nutritional value in chilies, the sauce’s primary ingredient. Peppers […]

Puerto Rican Hot Sauces – the Best of the Best and Where to Find Them

puerto rico hot sauces

For all of the hot sauce lovers out there, you know that there are a million hot sauces to choose from.  Hot sauce love has only come recently to Puerto Rico, but it is multiplying quickly and they have excellent flavor, reminiscent of  Latin and tropical flavor profiles. Here is a rundown of the more […]

Celebrate Tortilla Chips Day with Island Fever Salsa

salsa puerto rico

The perfect way to celebrate Tortilla Chips Day (February 24th) is with Island Fever Salsa! For many decades, tortilla chips have been one of the favorite snacks.  Tortilla chips come from Mexico, where they were originally made from tortillas, though their use was not widespread at first. This delicious snack originally made its debut in […]

What Hot hot peppers are in our sauces?

You likely fall into one of two categories of people: the hot pepper lovers and the would-be lovers. For hot pepper sauce aficionados, a mind-boggling array of habaneros, scotch bonnets, and jalapeños exist to satiate the fussiest fire-eater. And hot peppers pack an impressive health punch — their benefits include pain suppression, improved circulation, antimicrobial […]

What to do with all the hot pepper sauces overflowing your Refrigerator Door…

hot sauce

If you are a hot sauce lover, chances are you have collected a large quantity of hot sauces, all of which begin to crowd the refrigerator door. On the bright side, a hot sauce’s shelf life is pretty long, but occasionally you need to reclaim some shelf space and the question becomes…. what do I […]

Get hot and spicy in a natural way! Add Caribbean Wholesale Grocery to Your Shelves

Energize your quarterly profits by offering customers all natural Caribbean products from Caribbean Wholesale Grocery. Tantalize shoppers with the addition of incredibly tasty sauces, spice rubs, and fresh, chunky salsas infused with the flavor of Island cuisine. Caribbean Wholesale Grocery products are made using all natural ingredients. No artificial additives or chemical processing mar the […]

10 Best and Worst Goodie Bag Items

One of the best ways to make a great first impression for corporate travelers is to have a nice goodie bag awaiting the traveler’s arrival.  Although it may seem pretty easy to create a great goodie bag, there are far too many horror stories of goodie bags gone wrong. Take advantage of these great corporate […]

Summer’s Hottest Selling Puerto Rico Products

Wholesale Food Sauces

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? sand, sun, tropical vacations, outdoor barbecues, and of course fun! Bring a little piece of summer to your boutique or specialty store with the tropical tastes of some fabulous Puerto Rican products. Puerto Rican cuisine, known as cocina criolla, is unique for its delicious local ingredients, methods […]