The Jack O Lantern: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

It’s October and Halloween is coming.  Many people think rum is just for summer drinks at the beach, but rum is great year-round.  So, for this Halloween we thought that an orange rum drink would be just the ticket.  Accessorized with a little black spider or skull swizzler and this rum recipe is ready for a Halloween party!  It will also make a great rum punch that can be served in a punch bowl.

Now the general rule for any good rum punch is: “One of Sour, Two of Sweet, Three of Strong, Four of Weak.” This means that you need one part lime juice, two parts sweetener, three parts rum, and four parts waterServe with a dash or two of Angostura bitters and Nutmeg and you have a Caribbean-inspired rum punch.

1 ½ oz aged, light-bodied rum

½ oz Grand Marnier

½ oz rich simple syrup

1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice

2 dashes Angostura bitters

4oz. Ginger Ale

Mint Leaves as garnish and flavoring


Mix all together and serve with ice.  Enjoy!


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