Taino Petroglyphys

Taino Petroglyphs Puerto Rico

Migrating from South America, the Taino Indians established themselves on the island of Puerto Rico approximately 1500 years ago. The Taino, meaning “the good people” in their native language, had a rich tribal culture that centered on a respect for all living things. As such the Taino would honor their people, gods, and nature in the form of carvings cut into rock surfaces also known as petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs can be found all over Puerto Rico. Located in an area of El Yunque known as El Hippie, one can easily come across a number of these ancient stone carvings. Although a guide is often recommended, adventurers usually opt to seek them out on their own.


Have you stumbled upon petroglyphs while out in El Yunque? We would love to hear your story!

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