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Spices and Seasonings to complete your Caribbean Meal

caribbean seasonings

The Caribbean cuisine is full of bold flavors and lots of diversity, but there are several seasonings and spices that are critical to have in your kitchen if you are planning a Caribbean meal… Nutmeg Grown in the Caribbean, particularly in Grenada, Nutmeg is a pantry staple that is used for beverages such as rum […]

What Hot hot peppers are in our sauces?

You likely fall into one of two categories of people: the hot pepper lovers and the would-be lovers. For hot pepper sauce aficionados, a mind-boggling array of habaneros, scotch bonnets, and jalapeños exist to satiate the fussiest fire-eater. And hot peppers pack an impressive health punch — their benefits include pain suppression, improved circulation, antimicrobial […]

Get hot and spicy in a natural way! Add Caribbean Wholesale Grocery to Your Shelves

Energize your quarterly profits by offering customers all natural Caribbean products from Caribbean Wholesale Grocery. Tantalize shoppers with the addition of incredibly tasty sauces, spice rubs, and fresh, chunky salsas infused with the flavor of Island cuisine. Caribbean Wholesale Grocery products are made using all natural ingredients. No artificial additives or chemical processing mar the […]

Captain’s Caribbean Swiss Griller

Yum This easy vegetarian sandwich can be maid- to-order or pre-prepped for grilling while out and about. Step One: Prepping the Mango Salsa Ingredients 1/2 mango, 1/4-inch diced 1/4 red onion, 1/4-inch diced 1/4 red bell pepper, 1/4-inch diced 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice Pinch sugar 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper In […]

Tostones a’la Caribbean Trading Company


Yum Directions Ingredients Cooking oil for frying 3 plantains Caribbean Trading Company Sauces and Seasonings Preheat oil to 350 degrees F Step One: Cut and Fry Cut plantains down the middle; peel away skin and cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces. Add plantains to the hot oil and fry until golden; about 2 to 3 minutes. […]