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El Yunque Parrot: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

el yunque rum cocktail recipe

Rum cocktails are the most popular type of cocktail served on the island. This rum cocktail recipe is a great drink to make to cool down after a long day or serve a small get together of friends. If you want to serve this as a party cocktail, set the glasses out first then make […]

Quick and Easy Puerto Rican Recipe: Churrasco with Chimichurri

churrasco chimichurri

Yum Chimichurri is the perfect accompaniment with Churrasco, otherwise known as Flank Steak.  This sauce, although originally from Argentina, has become a staple in Typical Puerto Rican cuisine. It is a staple Puerto Rican recipe.  It is usually served with beef but it is so delicious that we here at Caribbean Trading Company put it […]

Pollo en Escabeche Chicken Recipe: Quick and Easy Puerto Rican Recipes

Yum Pollo En Escabeche (Marinated Chicken) is a recipe that is easy to make and stores well.  It can be adjusted to use with goat as well, and also works very well with green plantains.  This dish calls for chicken cooked in a vinaigrette and olive oil sauce. The result is highly flavorful, savory chicken. […]

Limbers: A Puerto Rican Food Recipe

Yum   As the weather warms up and you are looking for a cold treat to cool you off in those hot summer days, consider Limbers for a healthy snack or dessert.  Limbers are a Puerto Rican food recipe that will be sure to delight children and adults alike. What is a Limber? A limber […]