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Caribbean Potato Salad: Quick and Easy Caribbean Food Recipes

Caribbean Potato Salad

Yum This recipe is excellent for a weekend family gathering.  Filled with tropical flavors and super easy to make, this is a favorite at our summer barbecues!   1 1b. Sweet Potato, unpeeled and diced 1/4lb. Plantain, diced 1/4lb. Mangoes, diced 2 ripe tomotos, seeded and diced 1 red onion, diced 1 red pepper 1 […]

Pastelón de Carne: A Puerto Rican Food Recipe

Plantain Pastelon

Yum The Pastelon is an excellent and tasty Puerto Rican Food recipe perfect for your next dinner.  It is one of our favorites!  It is a layered meat dish, reminiscent of lasagna, but instead of pasta, the starch used is ripe plantains.  It is the perfect comfort food! 1 Lb of mature plantains fried (amarillos) […]