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All About Caribbean Trading Company’s Corporate Gift Service

puerto rico incentive gifts

It all started back in 1998…. And since then we have worked with hundreds of groups and over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies to do incentive travel corporate gifts. Caribbean Trading Company is a Puerto Rico based service organization that specializes in customized gift solutions for the corporate group incentive/meetings and conventions market. The […]

What to Put in a Themed Puerto Rico Gift Basket

Here at Caribbean Trading Company we have been putting together Puerto Rico Gift Baskets for over 13 years, and arguably are ‘gift experts’ in theming gift baskets to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  There is no better welcome gift or gift basket amenity to welcome guests than one that highlights local flavor and local products.  […]

Teaser and Pillow Gifts to Promote your Incentive in Puerto Rico

puerto rico corporate gifts

The excitement of an upcoming corporate incentive should start from the very moment it’s announced to employees. It’s a motivation tool that should be used throughout the year to encourage high achievement and results, then winners should enjoy excitement and a build up to the trip itself. Teasers are the ideal way to hype up […]

Caribbean Style and Elegance: The Guayabera


On July 1st Cuba celebrates the Dia de La Guayabera…  here in Puerto Rico, we think any day is worth celebrating the iconic guayabera!  Guayaberas are a traditional men’s shirt that can be worn both casually or in more formal settings.  It is popular throughout Mexico, Cental America, and the Caribbean.  It is also known […]

Vejigante Masks: A Puerto Rican Tradition

vejigante puerto rico

The Vejigante (Vay-he-GAHN-tay) is a fantastic, colorful character introduced into carnival celebrations in Puerto Rico hundreds of years ago from medieval Spain., and is still an important part of Puerto Rican culture today.  During the carnival celebrations in Loiza, Aldea and Ponce, the Vejigantes roam the streets in groups and chase children with their vejigas […]

Unique Puerto Rico Shopping Stores

Looking for authentic souvenirs and local artisan crafts?  Like any other destination, finding authentic souvenirs amidst the cheap China souvenirs can be frustrating.  But, when shopping in Puerto Rico, there are hidden gems along the way.  Here are some of our favorite Puerto Rico shopping places to find the best quality authentic gifts in Puerto Rico…. […]

Planning a Conference? Add Caribbean Spice to your Goodie Bags

Corporate Gift Solutions

Finding gifts and giveaways for your upcoming conference can often be a headache.   Consider adding Caribbean spices and sauces to your goodie bags.  They will be sure to heat up the excitement for your gifts and are a great take home gift/souvenir for any Caribbean program or Caribbean-themed event.  This gourmet product line is great […]

Dominoes in Puerto Rico

Dominoes is a quintessential game played throughout the Caribbean.  Each island has it’s own rules and traditions.  For example, in Cuba it is popular to play with Double 9 Dominoes.  In Puerto Rico, we play with the traditional Double 6.  “El Domino” is for Puerto Ricans not simply a game of strategy or just a […]

Down Island Traders Mini Rum Cakes

Did you know that rum cakes are the number 1 requested souvenir of people visiting the Caribbean? It’s true! This is because it’s so difficult to find genuine Caribbean rum cakes outside the islands. Visitors to the islands often find themselves seeking out the best and easy-to-travel with rum cakes for friends and family back […]

Mango Mandarin Bath Soap

Mango Mandarin Body Soap

Mango Mandarin soap made for you exclusively from Caribbean Trading Company. Luxurious and exotic, our soaps are the perfect addition to your bath time routine. Hand crafted from Shea butter, mango butter and vegan glycerin, CTC’s Mango Mandarin soap is a tasty eco-friendly treat for your skin. Pick up Mango Mandarin or any of our […]