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What to Put in a Themed Puerto Rico Gift Basket

Here at Caribbean Trading Company we have been putting together Puerto Rico Gift Baskets for over 13 years, and arguably are ‘gift experts’ in theming gift baskets to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  There is no better welcome gift or gift basket amenity to welcome guests than one that highlights local flavor and local products.  […]

Teaser and Pillow Gifts to Promote your Incentive in Puerto Rico

puerto rico corporate gifts

The excitement of an upcoming corporate incentive should start from the very moment it’s announced to employees. It’s a motivation tool that should be used throughout the year to encourage high achievement and results, then winners should enjoy excitement and a build up to the trip itself. Teasers are the ideal way to hype up […]

Celebrate National Hat Day with the Panama and Pava Hat

January 15th is National Hat Day, and as such, it is the perfect day to celebrate the legendary hats of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean!  In the tropical world, with the bright sun bearing down year-round, the Panama Hat and Pava Hat have figured strongly throughout history as an important staple of everyday and work […]

Gift Events Ensure that Your Corporate Gifts are Well- Received

Are you struggling with Incentive Gift ideas and corporate gift solutions for your next incentive trip?  Does the same logo’d polo shirt and tote bag seem tired and overdone?  If so, consider doing a Gift Event for your group.  A Gift Event brings fun and excitement and the Gift of Choice to your next event.  […]

Planning a Conference? Add Caribbean Spice to your Goodie Bags

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Finding gifts and giveaways for your upcoming conference can often be a headache.   Consider adding Caribbean spices and sauces to your goodie bags.  They will be sure to heat up the excitement for your gifts and are a great take home gift/souvenir for any Caribbean program or Caribbean-themed event.  This gourmet product line is great […]

Dominoes in Puerto Rico

Dominoes is a quintessential game played throughout the Caribbean.  Each island has it’s own rules and traditions.  For example, in Cuba it is popular to play with Double 9 Dominoes.  In Puerto Rico, we play with the traditional Double 6.  “El Domino” is for Puerto Ricans not simply a game of strategy or just a […]

10 Best and Worst Goodie Bag Items

One of the best ways to make a great first impression for corporate travelers is to have a nice goodie bag awaiting the traveler’s arrival.  Although it may seem pretty easy to create a great goodie bag, there are far too many horror stories of goodie bags gone wrong. Take advantage of these great corporate […]

Custom Caribbean Care Packages

It’s what we do best. Gift Baskets filled with goodies sourced right here in the Caribbean. Made-to-order and customized gifts and incentives for your event, clients, and special guests. Check out assortments and ideas at our Group Sales site or email us at info@CaribbeanTrading.com for more info. Take a look at our other Group Sale […]

Gift Baskets from Caribbean Trading Company

Caribbean Trading Company Gift Baskets

Whether it is a sign of gratitude or a show of generosity we have the items and the presentation you need to get your message through with an awesome gift basket or gift assortment. Made-to-order assortments, all of our baskets are loaded with little treasures sourced right here in the Caribbean. Leave a lingering impression […]