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Coquis: A Puerto Rican Cultural Icon


The Puerto Rican coquis is a very tiny little frog that is endemic to Puerto Rico. If you are in the country (or anywhere really) you will often hear the sounds of the coqui at night (co-qui co-qui). One would think they are the suze of a bullfrog based on how much noise they make, […]

Celebrate Frog Jumping Day with Puerto Rico’s Coqui

May 13th is Frog Jumping Day!  Well, this day was just made for Puerto Rico as we have an enduring love affair with the Coqui frog. There are currently 18 known species of the coqui in Puerto Rico.  The Eleutherodactylus coquí, or coquí común, is the most common species of coquí on the island of […]

What is a Coqui?


The Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico, is home to one of Nature’s most melodious creatures, the Coqui Frog. No larger than a quarter, the earth colored warbling wunderkind fills the island’s tropical nights with its very unique and special song. Legend has it that their song, which sounds like their name, “co-key”, means “I Love […]

Returning to Rich Traditions through Children’s Books


Doesn’t it appear that life is rushing by us sometimes? Even the Holiday Season is here, rapidly once again. Barely did the month of November begin when stores were laden with displays; not to mention the deluge of television, radio and print commercials that crowd our minds and tempt our children with the newest trend. […]