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What to Put in a Themed Puerto Rico Gift Basket

Here at Caribbean Trading Company we have been putting together Puerto Rico Gift Baskets for over 13 years, and arguably are ‘gift experts’ in theming gift baskets to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  There is no better welcome gift or gift basket amenity to welcome guests than one that highlights local flavor and local products.  […]

The Coffee Drinker’s Guide to Puerto Rico

puerto rico coffee

  If you are a coffee-lover then Puerto Rico is the right island for you!  Puerto Rican coffee is known to produce a smooth, aromatic and richly flavored brew.  We admit that we never travel without  a pound of Puerto Rican coffee in our suitcases – once you have coffee here, a Maxwell House or […]

The Crew’s 5 Favorite Puerto Rico Products

Here at Caribbean Trading Company, our focus is on unique and authentic gifts.  As part of that, we are always on the search for great local products, attending many festivals throughout the year and also sourcing for our retail shops.  Puerto Rico offers a wealth of options and is known for some really great products, […]

Flan – A Puerto Rican Food Recipe

Yum Flan is a traditional Puerto Rican food dessert and is a delicious light alternative to a cheesecake.  Making a flan can be a little intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, but it really can be quite straight-forward.  There are many ways to make adjustments to the recipe to highlight different flavors.  The Puerto […]

The Perks of Brewing Puerto Rican Coffee

coffee sock

Typically, making coffee at home is done with the help of a Black&Decker coffee pot, or some other contraption that requires the use of fussy filters and burners. To make coffee the Puerto Rican way, all one needs is a saucepan and coffee sock. ***Ran out of coffee filters? No worries, a washable and re-usable […]

Yaucono Café Puro

Yaucono Puerto Rican Coffee

With a 100+ year old reputation as #1, Yaucono Café Puro is a staple in the Puerto Rican coffee scene. An any-time-of-day coffee, Yaucono packs a strong alluring aroma and superior body that is hard to surpass. It’s clear to see what Yaucono is of the top coffees of all time.