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Passionate Hurricane – An Easy Tropical Cocktail Recipe


This cocktail serves up passion fruit juice with some lime and rum.  It is the perfect Caribbean cocktail!  As usual, it is that time of year again when the passion fruit are falling off the vine so fast that I am struggling to find new and exciting ways to use it.  I learned last year […]

Mom’s Rumtastic Cocktail: A cocktail Recipe perfect for Mother’s Day

caribbean trading cocktail

Yum This cocktail is an alternative play on a cosmopolitan. It is light and refreshing and perfect as part of a Mother’s Day brunch or barbecue. The below recipe is for one cocktail, but this would make for a great punch and adding a little champagne or some sprite will give it a nice punch […]

Caipirinha: a World Cup Themed Cocktail

The World Cup starts today and we are excited!  In honor of Brazil, we are going to toast the opening of the game with Brazil’s National Drink, which happens to pair very nicely with Caribbean Rums if you are unable to find the traditional cachaco.  #ThirstyThursday.  Enjoy! The Caipirinha is made with a base of […]

A Puerto Rican Cocktail Recipe: Easy Breezy

This Puerto Rican Cocktail includes the sweet Caribbean tastes of pineapple mixed with the light taste of Crème de Almond. This icy drink is sure to hit the spot when you are craving a sweet tropical cocktail to end a hard day. This is a cocktail best enjoyed on a hot summer day, next to […]

El Yunque Parrot: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

el yunque rum cocktail recipe

Rum cocktails are the most popular type of cocktail served on the island. This rum cocktail recipe is a great drink to make to cool down after a long day or serve a small get together of friends. If you want to serve this as a party cocktail, set the glasses out first then make […]

Cherry Punch: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

You will enjoy this rum cocktail recipe.  Everyone knows Puerto Rico weather can be hot and humid. This twist on a punch is a great way to cool down when the sun is hot and enjoy Puerto Rican rum. Since it is National Cherry Month what better way to celebrate than Cherry Rum Punch? While […]

Caribbean Liquers

blue curacao

We talk so much about rum down here in the Caribbean that recently I got to thinking about Liquers… I wondered if there were any famous Caribbean liquers; if we had tried them, were they any good, and so on and so forth. What is a Liquer? A liquer, also known as a cordial or […]

A Tour of Ron de Barrilito

ron de barrilito

  Ron de Barrilito is a fine Puerto Rican rum that is aged for 6-10 years.  It comes in two versions: a 2 star and a 3 star. Barrilito rum is a perennial bestseller – both in the Caribbean Trading Company Store and for our Corporate and Incentive Gifts.   Why does it outsell the other Puerto […]

Mango Martini: A Rum Drinks Recipe

It’s Mango season again!  The mangoes are growing bigger on the trees and it looks like it will be a plentiful harvest again this year.  That being the case, we are always on the lookout for a new way to use up this abundance of fruit.  And this year- I’ve decided to mix it up […]

Chocolate Pirate Cocktail Recipe

A Chocolate Pirate you say?  Aye Matey!  This cocktail recipe is sure to have you swinging from the ropes!  It is chocolatey and smooth offset by the bitterness of the coffee, which successfully hides that you are drinking 151 proof rum.  Feel free to substitute the Bacardi 151 rum for any white rum of your […]