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Passionate Hurricane – An Easy Tropical Cocktail Recipe


This cocktail serves up passion fruit juice with some lime and rum.  It is the perfect Caribbean cocktail!  As usual, it is that time of year again when the passion fruit are falling off the vine so fast that I am struggling to find new and exciting ways to use it.  I learned last year […]

10 Travel tips for visiting Puerto Rico


If you are planning to visit Puerto Rico, here are 10 travel tips to keep in mind that will make for a smooth vacation: You don’t need a passport from the US Puerto Rico is a terrirory of the US, so you don’t need a passport. A driver’s license will do to get you here. […]

Introducing Caribbean Trading’s New Artisan Soaps

artisan soaps

These soaps are divine, decadent, organic, vegan soaps that produces a nice leather, offers a great scent – it is everything you want a soap to do. We are proud to introduce our new line of soaps which has been a labor of love for several years now- from the feel, to the ingredients, to […]

The African Roots of Puerto Rico

The African Roots of Puerto Rico are often overlooked, but their contributions into the Puerto Rican culture were significant. If you are interested in this topic and are visiting Puerto Rico, then we recommend a visit to the Museo de Nuestra Raiz Africana (African Heritage Museum) located on Calle San Sebastian in Old San Juan. […]

8 Must See Cultural Attractions of the Caribbean

caribbean attractions

The Caribbean islands are known for their clear water, sunshine and laid back lifestyle amidst a lush tropical setting. However, every island’s culture is different and these cultural influences from the west, the early African slave trade and indigenous tribes blend together to give each island its unique identity and where harmony is displayed in […]

Cherry Punch: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

You will enjoy this rum cocktail recipe.  Everyone knows Puerto Rico weather can be hot and humid. This twist on a punch is a great way to cool down when the sun is hot and enjoy Puerto Rican rum. Since it is National Cherry Month what better way to celebrate than Cherry Rum Punch? While […]

Some of the Crew’s Favorite Sipping Rums

caribbean sipping rums

There are two types of rum in this world: those to be mixed with your favorite soda or juice, and those to be enjoyed by sipping; similar to a fine scotch.  Here is a listing of some of our most favorite Caribbean sipping rums.  We are always looking for recommendations! One important thing to remember: […]

Spices and Seasonings to complete your Caribbean Meal

caribbean seasonings

The Caribbean cuisine is full of bold flavors and lots of diversity, but there are several seasonings and spices that are critical to have in your kitchen if you are planning a Caribbean meal… Nutmeg Grown in the Caribbean, particularly in Grenada, Nutmeg is a pantry staple that is used for beverages such as rum […]

Puerto Rican Hot Sauces – the Best of the Best and Where to Find Them

puerto rico hot sauces

For all of the hot sauce lovers out there, you know that there are a million hot sauces to choose from.  Hot sauce love has only come recently to Puerto Rico, but it is multiplying quickly and they have excellent flavor, reminiscent of  Latin and tropical flavor profiles. Here is a rundown of the more […]

Best Hotel Hideouts in Historic Caribbean

caribbean hotel hideouts

When planning your travel and leisure in the Caribbean, you may be looking for a great hotel hideout, with access to the history of Caribbean. The most fascinating thing is that these hotels have remained a great force in attracting lovers of history, pleasure, and exploration to date. Do you plan to have a holiday […]