Returning to Rich Traditions through Children’s Books


Doesn’t it appear that life is rushing by us sometimes? Even the Holiday Season is here, rapidly once again. Barely did the month of November begin when stores were laden with displays; not to mention the deluge of television, radio and print commercials that crowd our minds and tempt our children with the newest trend.

Let’s not forget how technology is changing the way our lives evolve daily. There is either a new gadget or App spewed out at us on a daily basis. With all of these happenings, there is often an intense struggle to keep up. Especially when “little-ones” are pulling at us with their Holiday Wish List. Oftentimes this requires exhausting our mental health, as well as our pockets.

Why not keep things simple this year. Remember those times when families gathered and interacted without distractions? ….Or Remember when you valued and looked forward to stories from an older relative? …Or when everyone gathered to dance to a special album and sing songs?  This Holiday season consider establishing new traditions and reintroducing old traditions to share as a family.  Forego the hassle of the stores and buy online. Visit the Puerto Rico Shop at and re-introduce your family to valuable traditions.

Present your young ones with The Adventures of Anselm the Cat. This illustrated story book is based on the 2nd invasion on the Island of Boriken, now Puerto Rico. Anselm the Cat and his friends actively defend the city invasion and finally win and live to tell the story.

Also consider the award-winning There’s a Coqui in My Shoe.  The book is full of yummy tastes, bright colors, and dramatic sounds, and in breathtaking illustrations, splendidly captures the vibrant color, culture, flora, and fauna of the island. Here’s an educational and entertaining lesson, not only on Puerto Rico’s beloved amphibian, the Eleutherodactylus coqui, but also on Puerto Rico’s environment, geography, history and culture.

These rich and inspiring tales makes an excellent stocking-stuffer for children, who will be thrilled and excited by its message. It is the perfect opportunity to share time with family members and instill the traditions and meanings of our shared culture.

These are just a couple of the fine selections of quality options to choose from in the Puerto Rico shop.

Delve into Puerto Rico shopping. Survey the rich tradition and culture continually available at Bring your family back to worthwhile yet simple activities that will create rich memories for a lifetime.

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