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Captain Tim is based in Puerto Rico and his blog is full of great information on Puerto Rico. Things to do in Puerto Rico, along with attractions, products and more.

Puerto Rican Cultural Icon: The Vejigante


The name Vejigante comes from the Spanish word vejiga, meaning bladder, and gigante, meaning giant. Vejigante (bay-he-Gahn-tay) are used to scare people during carnival time. Vejigante’s often wear bat-winged jump-suits, roam the streets either individually or in groups and carry inflated cow bladders (vejigas) at the end of a stick. The Vejigante (Vay-he-GAHN-tay) is a […]

The Lakes of Puerto Rico

puerto rico lakes

Puerto Rico is an unusual island in the Caribbean, in that it has an insane number of natural rivers, but not one natural lake. You would think with such a mountainous interior that lakes would abound, but in fact there is not. However, there are 15 lakes in Puerto Rico – all are man-made and […]

Surf Puerto Rico!

Did you know that Puerto Rico has excellent surfing – year round? With an average of 80 degrees in the water, and over 15 reliable surfing locations, if you are looking for some surf Puerto Rico is a great place to come to! The west coast gets a lot of attention – Rincon and Aguadilla […]

Historic Tiles of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is best known for Pina coladas and Salsa music but it is also home to beautiful examples of Spanish Colonial and modern Caribbean architecture. One of the often overlooked examples of native Puerto Rican architecture and design are floor tiles. As you travel throughout the island, be sure to look down! Many of […]

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts from the Caribbean

Everyone has a strong opinion about Valentine’s Day – but whether you choose to embrace it or deride it, chances are you may need a gift to give that special someone. Here are the top 5 valentine’s day gifts coming out of the Caribbean. Heck, if you are really feeling romantic, pair one of these […]

4 Places to Find Taino Symbols in Puerto Rico

The symbology and imagery of the original Taino Indians has become a popular motif in Puerto Rican art and culture over the last years. Taino symbols can now be found everywhere – from the mundane such as tattoos and car stickers, to local souvenirs and art. However, sometimes you want to see them for themselves […]

Celebrate Card Playing Day with Puerto Rican Briscas


December 28th is Card Playing Day! Another day attributed to celebrating something very random. This one I can get behind though! Recently we were playing cards and were wishing for a set of Briscas cards and a rules refresher so we could play – it had been a while! I decided then and there that […]

Fun Things To Do While In Puerto Rico

puerto rico

When you think about Puerto Rico, what comes to mind? Delectable food…Vibrant music and passionate dancing? …. Exhilarating out-door activities? …. Picturesque beaches?  Well if that is what you’re thinking then you are only half-right. There is so much more to do in Puerto Rico from lying on the beaches to surfing to dancing it […]

Introducing our New INSANE Hot Sauces

insane hot sauces

Yum “De best peppa sauce, is de one das burns a hole in de tablecloth.”—Old West Indian saying Well, these two new hot sauces we have will certainly burn a hole in your tablecloth – maybe even your stomach! Our Extreme Heat hot sauces are our most popular, and brings many people to tears. But […]

Celebrate National Fritters Day with Puerto Rican Frituras

puerto rico fritters

Yum It is December 2nd and today we are celebrating National Fritters Day! I’m not sure who makes up these crazy holidays but when we saw this one we knew this was just the right day for us, because there is nothing more yummy than a Puerto Rican fritura! Frituras are fried snacks that can […]