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Captain Tim is based in Puerto Rico and his blog is full of great information on Puerto Rico. Things to do in Puerto Rico, along with attractions, products and more.

Coquis: A Puerto Rican Cultural Icon


The Puerto Rican coquis is a very tiny little frog that is endemic to Puerto Rico. If you are in the country (or anywhere really) you will often hear the sounds of the coqui at night (co-qui co-qui). One would think they are the suze of a bullfrog based on how much noise they make, […]

Introducing our new line of Caribbean Incense

caribbean trading incense

Slowly fragrance your environment with the scents of the Caribbean…We are excited to unveil our new line of Caribbean incense. They are Hand-Dipped Premium Quality. Each package comes with 10 sticks that each burn for approximately one hour. We have launched 12 fragrances that speak to the Caribbean and the tropical lifestyle: Click Here to […]

Fun for Kids in Carolina Puerto Rico

childrens museum puerto rico

Recently I had family in town and I wanted to do something fun for the young kids in the group. At ages 2 and 4, we were looking to take a break from the beach. I had been hearing a lot about the new Children’s Museum – Museo del Niño in Carolina, Puerto Rico and […]

Step to Bomba y Plena Music from Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico music is rich in history and diversity. After all, how many cultures can say they have created so many lasting musical styles? In Puerto Rico’s case: Salsa, Danza, Bomba, Plena, and Reggaeton. The musical genres are the result of time and the mix of cultures over the centuries. Bomba and plena are often […]

Casitas: A Puerto Rican Cultural Icon


Hundreds of years have passed since the Spanish architects first built San Juan, yet the freshness of each new day dulls none of their building’s magic. The “Casitas” (little houses) which are now viewed as charming recollections of a time long gone will live on forever, as a source of pride of the nation’s past. […]

What can you bring from Puerto Rico to the United States?

What can you bring from Puerto Rico to the US?  This is a common question we receive in our Company Store – so common I am now writing a blog about it! Of course, when visiting a new place you want to bring home souvenirs, but it can get tricky when you are talking about […]

5 Things to Do off a Cruise in San Juan, Puerto Rico

cruise san juan

Oftentimes, when coming off a cruise ship in the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico there is not a lot of time to explore the island. However, there are many things to do right in Old San Juan that you will find enjoyable! Here is our list of the top 5 things to do when […]

Recipes to Celebrate Saborea Food Festival – April 2015

This spring, the exquisite tastes of Puerto Rico’s top restaurants and chefs are coming together for the annual Saborea Food Festival in April, the island’s premier culinary event. In honor of the fun-filled weekend, Executive Chef Maria Germania Diaz from The Condado Plaza Hilton, located only two miles from the festival’s headquarters, offers up two […]

Cigars: A Puerto Rican Tradition


The tradition of Puerto Rican Cigars reaches far into the past, where, hundreds of years ago on the Island of Enchantment, native Taino Indians cultivated the majestic tobacco leaf to produce a hand-rolled tube of cured tobacco, which they named sikar. The term Sikar was then taken immediately into the Spanish language as cigarro. Snuff […]