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Captain Tim is based in Puerto Rico and his blog is full of great information on Puerto Rico. Things to do in Puerto Rico, along with attractions, products and more.

Places to Eat in Palmer – the Gateway to El Yunque


When you are making a trip to El Yunque Rainforest, you may want to pair it with a place to eat lunch.  Palmer, which is El Yunque’s gateway community, offers several great options to choose from.  Conveniently located at the foot of Rt 191 to El Yunque Rainforest so stop by to visit us on […]

Visit Porta del Sol: the West Coast of Puerto Rico

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Porta del Sol is a tourism region in western Puerto Rico. It consists of 17 municipalities in the western area: Quebradillas, Isabela, San Sebastián, Moca, Aguadilla, Aguada, Rincón, Añasco, Mayagüez, Las Marías, Maricao, Hormigueros, San Germán, Sábana Grande, Guánica, Lajas and Cabo Rojo. Each of the towns have lots to offer, with a unique personality […]

Puerto Rico and Eco-Tourism

Puerto Rico is joining the trend of sustainable tourism, otherwise known as Eco-tourism.  While a relatively new initiative, Puerto Rico’s Green Destination comprises all places, attractions, and tours that comply with sustainable principles of natural and cultural conservation, education, community integration, and local socioeconomic development.  This is a worthy effort!  The more that can be […]

Cabo Rojo: A Beautiful City in Western Puerto Rico

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Cabo Rojo is located in the Southwestern point of Puerto Rico and is known for its’ Salt Flats.  But there is much more to see and do in Cabo Rojo besides that! Cabo Rojo Salt Flats Upon arrival, you can take an interpretative tour and there is a lookout tower as well.  In 1511 the […]

Puerto Rico Food Must Have: Adobo Seasoning

adobo seasoning

If you are a fan of Puerto Rican food, or you would like to start cooking Puerto Rican typical food, you will definitely need Adobo in your pantry. It is a must have for any Puerto Rican cook. Adobo simply means “seasoning mix” and every spanish speaking country has their own. You can put it […]

Follow the Route of San Juan Bautista in Old San Juan

Follow the Route of San Juan Bautista in Old San Juan (St. John the Baptist) and discover the origins of Christianity in the New World. The Route of San Juan Bautista shows the most important religious patrimony inside the historic walls of Old San Juan. You will discover some of the oldest churches, catacombs, religious […]

Puerto Rican Pinchos: A Quick and Easy BBQ Recipe

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If you have ever visited Puerto Rico, you will have seen lots of roadside stands advertising “Pinchos”. What is a Pincho? It is a Shish kebob! And Puerto Rico knows how to do them right…. Pinchos, Spanish for “spikes,” is a simple and versatile dish and are commonly made with pork or chicken and a […]

Stay in a Posada in Puerto Rico

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Posada is the new Puerto Rico Tourism Company term and branding to promote a network of small thematic inns throughout the historic city towns around the island. Each Posada expresses a unique cultural theme related to the history of Puerto Rico and their city. The visitor can live a urban and cultural experience throughout town […]

The Many Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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There are lots of excellent uses for coconut oil!  With so many coconuts available for use in Puerto Rico, experimenting with the ways to use them has become a really fun hobby.  It is super healthy. Here is a listing of many non-edible ways to use coconut oil: As a body lotion and moisturizer: Smooth […]