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Captain Tim is based in Puerto Rico and his blog is full of great information on Puerto Rico. Things to do in Puerto Rico, along with attractions, products and more.

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse & Attractions

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Post Card

Marking the south-west tip of Puerto Rico stands the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. Established by the Spanish government in 1881, the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse continues to serve as a guide for vessels approaching its famous lime stone cliffs.  Along with the lighthouse’s significance, Cabo Rojo is also referred to by locals as the island’s capitol for […]

Kayaking Puerto Rico


All too often, the Caribbean is associated with fruity cocktails and kicking back. Not that those things aren’t worth while, but what if you you’re more of the adventurer type? With the help of Kayaking Puerto Rico, visitors to this enchanted island can partake in a number of outdoor excursions that are 100% unique to […]

Come to Puerto Rico-The “Isle of Enchantment”

Puerto Rico has more fascinating places to go than any other island in the Caribbean and we want to make sure you know about all of them! With our stunning beaches, extraordinary landscapes, friendly people, delectable dining, exiting nightlife and gaming Puerto Rico has it all! We invite you to explore our beautiful “island of […]

Puerto Rican Premium Gourmet Coffee

In the 19th century Puerto Rico was one of the world’s leading coffee origins. In 1896, for example, the island was the sixth largest coffee producer in the world. But in the 20th century coffee apparently became lost in the complex political and economic shuffle that marked Puerto Rico’s passage from agricultural economy and Spanish […]