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Captain Tim is based in Puerto Rico and his blog is full of great information on Puerto Rico. Things to do in Puerto Rico, along with attractions, products and more.

Museums of Ponce

Get Caribbean cultured with a visit to some of PuertoRico ‘s famous museums. Los Museos de Ponce! Museo de Arte de Ponce (The Ponce Art Museum) Address:  2325 Ave. Las Americas Ponce Phone:  787 848 0505 Website: Price:  Admission $4 adults, $2 children under 12   See work by Puerto Rican Artists and a […]

The Perks of Brewing Puerto Rican Coffee

coffee sock

Typically, making coffee at home is done with the help of a Black&Decker coffee pot, or some other contraption that requires the use of fussy filters and burners. To make coffee the Puerto Rican way, all one needs is a saucepan and coffee sock. ***Ran out of coffee filters? No worries, a washable and re-usable […]

Surfing Puerto Rico

The surf season in Puerto Rico is practically year-round starting in late summer and stretching into early spring. In prime position to receive the best waves in all of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has long since been a popular destination for surfers. Although every coast of Puerto Rico boasts ideal surfing conditions, it is the […]

La Isla de Vieques

Vieques Beach

Located off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, is la isla de Vieques. A little yet inhabitable island, Vieques houses a small population of both permanent and part-time locals.  Accessible only by boat or plane, Vieques is known for its rustic charm and lacks the typical accommodations of major retailers, casinos and hotels. Thriving off […]

Custom Wedding Favors for Caribbean Weddings

wedding favors

When you exchange your vows in a foreign land, much of the wedding planning is left in the hands of an on-site planner. All too often, small details will be overlooked due to cultural differences or miscommunication. When your guests set aside time to travel and attend your destination wedding, you want them to know […]

Yaucono Café Puro

Yaucono Puerto Rican Coffee

With a 100+ year old reputation as #1, Yaucono Café Puro is a staple in the Puerto Rican coffee scene. An any-time-of-day coffee, Yaucono packs a strong alluring aroma and superior body that is hard to surpass. It’s clear to see what Yaucono is of the top coffees of all time.  

Taino Petroglyphys

Taino Petroglyphs Puerto Rico

Migrating from South America, the Taino Indians established themselves on the island of Puerto Rico approximately 1500 years ago. The Taino, meaning “the good people” in their native language, had a rich tribal culture that centered on a respect for all living things. As such the Taino would honor their people, gods, and nature in […]