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Captain Tim is based in Puerto Rico and his blog is full of great information on Puerto Rico. Things to do in Puerto Rico, along with attractions, products and more.

Unique Puerto Rico Shopping Stores

Looking for authentic souvenirs and local artisan crafts?  Like any other destination, finding authentic souvenirs amidst the cheap China souvenirs can be frustrating.  But, when shopping in Puerto Rico, there are hidden gems along the way.  Here are some of our favorite Puerto Rico shopping places to find the best quality authentic gifts in Puerto Rico…. […]

Parrandas: A Puerto Rican Music Christmas Tradition

Puerto Rican culture shines brightest during the holiday season.  Lasting from the end of November through the end of January, there are many Christmas traditions that are unique to the island.  One of our favorite traditions is the Parranda.  Parrandas are the Puerto Rican version of caroling.  It is marked by singing traditional Puerto Rican […]

Events in Puerto Rico December 2012

December is fast approaching and as we begin celebrating the holidays, Puerto Rico is alive and thriving.  The holidays is a special time in Puerto Rico and not to be missed.  In addition to the events listed below, keep your eyes out for Parrandas (caroling caravans) and such Christmas treats as Turron and Coquito. December […]

Where is Puerto Rico?

Where is Puerto Rico? What is Puerto Rico all about? When to travel to Puerto Rico? are all common questions that we hear. If you are yearning to take a vacation to the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is where you want to go. It has something for everyone! Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean and […]

How Safe is Puerto Rico?

This is a question we get asked often by prospective travelers and meeting planners, and even by travelers visiting the Company Store as they work on planning their itinerary. Understandably- experiencing crime is a fast way to take the fun out of your vacation.  As we start gearing up for the holiday season and everyone […]

Top 5 Things to do at Palomino Island

The El Conquistador Resort, located in Fajardo, Puerto Rico boasts it’s own 100-acre private tropical island oasis called Palomino Island.  An 8-minute ferry ride out of the El Conquistador’s Marina will bring you there.  Access to Palomino Island is one of the advantages of being a guest at the El Conquistador Resort or Las Casitas […]

Thanksgiving Traditions in Puerto Rico

Thanksgiving is a relatively new holiday in Puerto Rican history, as it was only adopted after Puerto Rico officially became a US Territory in the late 1800’s. The locals have embraced the holiday eagerly and whole-heartedly. Thanksgiving Traditions in Puerto Rico are very similar to those in the mainland – businesses are closed, families gather […]

Events in Puerto Rico November 2012

Another month in 2012 has officially ended and once again we find ourselves looking forward into November. As we begin to make preparations for the holidays, Puerto Rico is alive and thriving, with events ranging from the Rum & Beer Festival to Discovery of Puerto Rico Day to Thanksgiving. No matter what you’re interested in, […]

The Crew’s 5 Must- Try Cocktail Recipes of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the home of many specialty drinks and rum cocktail recipes. As the home of rum and the birthplace of the Pina Colada, among other drinks with rum, trying the various cocktails on this list are a fun thing to do in Puerto Rico (although some are not so easy to get year-round). […]

The Crew’s 5 Favorite Things to Do in Puerto Rico – East-side

There are so many things to do in Puerto Rico – where does one begin? There are infinite possibilities to fit every mood and interest, but the crew here at Caribbean Trading Company have some personal favorites. Here’s some of the local spots that we return to time and again in the Northeastern corner of Puerto […]