Puerto Rico and Eco-Tourism

Puerto Rico is joining the trend of sustainable tourism, otherwise known as Eco-tourism.  While a relatively new initiative, Puerto Rico’s Green Destination comprises all places, attractions, and tours that comply with sustainable principles of natural and cultural conservation, education, community integration, and local socioeconomic development.  This is a worthy effort!  The more that can be done to protect Puerto Rico’s natural beauty the better we and the planet will be in the long run.  Included below is a magazine of a all of the current certified business and operators that meet the criteria.  More will be added over time, but if you can support these businesses, please do so…. unfortunately Caribbean Trading Company is not considered eligible – thus far there is no love for small business shopping by the tourism company.  They only support malls, shopping centers, and luxury brands.  However, if we were allowed to participate in this initiative – we would!  Especially with our proximity to EL Yunque, we beleive in doing everything we can to support the environment and our community

Catalogo Revista Turismo Sostenible

Photo courtesy of Puerto Rico Tourism Company

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