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Puerto Rico has many holiday traditions- from all of the US holidays to all of the Puerto Rican holidays and a two month holiday season, there is lots to enjoy about the holidays in Puerto Rico

We’re Just Getting Started

Three Kings Day Today is December, 26th, and the Christmas season is just getting started here in Puerto Rico. As a child growing up in the states, I would anxiously await Christmas Day, knowing that the festivities would all be over on the 26th.  Here in Puerto Rico, January, 6, also known as Three Kings […]

It’s That Time of Year: Good Food and Good Friends

With less than a week until Christmas, I asked a few of the girls at our Palmer location what some of their favorite Christmas traditions are that are unique to Puerto Rico. Pasteles, Coquito, and Parranda were easily the top three. From this I realize that delicious food, a good drink, and spending time with […]

Celebrate National Piña Colada day with Puerto Rico Resorts Recipes

In Celebration of National Piña Colada Day, July 10th, mix up these Piña Colada-inspired food, beverage and spa recipes from Puerto Rico resorts El Conquistador, A Waldorf Astoria Resort and The Condado Plaza Hilton. Puerto Rico is the island where the Piña Colada was created, after all! So where better to find recipes that highlight the authentic […]

Festivals and Event Calendar for June 2017

Here are some of the great events and festivals in Puerto Rico for the end of June going into July of 2017…  Noche de San Juan and the Hammock and Aibonito Flower Festival are not to be missed! June 23 @midnight June 23-24 Noche de San Juan Well, first of all! Any beach will do […]

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails From Resorts in Puerto Rico and Florida

Lucky Leprechaun – El Conquistador Resort, A Waldorf Astoria Resort (Fajardo, Puerto Rico) Perched on a 300-foot cliff overlooking the converging waters of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, El Conquistador Resort invites everyone to catch a little luck this St. Patrick’s Day with its sweet and tart Lucky Leprechaun cocktail.     Ingredients: 1 […]

Holiday Coquito Cocktail Recipes from The Condado Plaza Hilton


Add a tropical twist to this season’s holiday entertaining by serving Coquitos, rich and creamy eggnog-like cocktails traditionally served in Puerto Rico. Although the Coquito is generally made with rum, coconut milk, sweet condensed milk and spices including vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves, The Condado Plaza Hilton‘s Executive Chef Maria Germania has created tropical versions using flavors including Guava and Pistachio. Recipes for those, as […]

Chocolate Coquito

Coquito is a favorite holiday tradition in Puerto Rico – much like an egg nog but without the egg and full of yummy coconut goodness. What pairs better with coconut than chocolate? Not much! This recipe is a traditional coquito that has been made chocolate. It is perfect to be served as an after-dinner drink, […]

Aguinaldos: 5 Popular Puerto Rican Christmas Carols


In Puerto Rico, the holidays last long and are taken very seriously. There are many traditions native to the island that are unique to Puerto Rico. The holiday season is a time for music, and part of this is through Aguinaldos, or Puerto Rican Christmas songs. They are sung throughout the season, and particularly when […]

December 2015 Puerto Rico Holiday Events

The holidays in Puerto Rico are a busy time and there is plenty to do! Spend some time enjoying the holidays at one of them any festivals and holiday events in Puerto Rico. The awesome folks over at Puerto Rico Day Trips put this list together…. Winter Park Maze Attraction Dec. 1-5 Visit this maze […]

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts from the Caribbean

Everyone has a strong opinion about Valentine’s Day – but whether you choose to embrace it or deride it, chances are you may need a gift to give that special someone. Here are the top 5 valentine’s day gifts coming out of the Caribbean. Heck, if you are really feeling romantic, pair one of these […]