Fun Historical Factoids about Puerto Rico

Who doesn’t love a good historical factoid?  Here are some of our favorites about the history of Puerto Rico.  If we missed one please comment and let us know!

  • Gothic churches are rare in the New World, but Puerto Rico has two: Porta Coeli, built in 1606 in San German and San Jose, built in the 1530’s in Old San Juan.
  • The first shot fired by the United States in World War I was in Puerto Rico and not in Europe. It was fired by Lt. Teofilo Marxuach when an armed German supply ship tried to force it’s way out of the bay.
  • Puerto Rico was taken by the U.S. as spoils of war following the defeat of Spain in the Spanish-American war of 1898
  • El Morro, officially known as Fuerte San Felipe de Morro, has stood guard over San Juan Bay for more than four centuries and is one of the largest forts built by the Spaniards in the Caribbean.
  • San Juan is the oldest city in US territory, founded in 1521 by Ponce de Leon

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