Fun Flora and Fauna Factoids about Puerto Rico

Who doesn’t love a good factoid?  Here are some of our favorites about the flora and fauna of Puerto Rico.  If we missed one please comment and let us know!

  1. Mona and Monito Islands are located between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. These small islands are considered the Galápagos Islands of the Caribbean Sea. No other reef and offshore island habitat within S. jurisdiction possesses such ecological uniqueness, invaluable habitat, and biological diversity within such a reduced surface area. For these reasons, Mona and Monito Islands have been recognized by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a Natural Reserve. The islands are a critical habitat of endangered marine turtles, sea birds and occasional migratory marine mammals.
  2. Wood from the native tree “El Guayacan” is so strong that it suffers less wear than steel.
  3. The only native mammal in Puerto Rico is the bat.
  4. Puerto Rico has 4 of 7 bioluminescent bays in the world.

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