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Introducing a New Water Taxi Service to Palomino Island

palomino island water taxi

Recently we had written about taking a day to visit Palomino Island, one of the beautiful small islands off the east coast of Puerto Rico. We are excited to announce that there is a new service available to take a water taxi out to not only Palomino Island, but Icacos and Palominito Islands. If you […]

Celebrate Golf Day in Puerto Rico

golf puerto rico

October 4th is Golf Day! To celebrate, we are highlighting some of the great golf courses to be found in Puerto Rico. As the home to the official PGA Puerto Rico Open in April, and many master-designed golf courses and excellent golf professionals, if you are an avid golfer, then a trip to Puerto Rico […]

Useful Words for Visiting Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has developed a unique version of Spanish. The language was greatly influenced by Puerto Rico’s history. Puerto Ricans integrated thousands of Taíno words, adopted some pronunciation habits from African dialects, and incorporated English words or phrases (known as “Spanglish”) into the language.    The pace of the Spanish spoken here is usually very fast […]

8 Must See Cultural Attractions of the Caribbean

caribbean attractions

The Caribbean islands are known for their clear water, sunshine and laid back lifestyle amidst a lush tropical setting. However, every island’s culture is different and these cultural influences from the west, the early African slave trade and indigenous tribes blend together to give each island its unique identity and where harmony is displayed in […]

Caribbean Rum Trail

The folks over at Coconut Bay Resort put together a neat interactive map of Caribbean rum distilleries and we are excited to share it with you! It’s interactive so you can click on a distillery and up pops the information about the delicious Caribbean rum from that island. (Click on the image below to check […]

The History of Puerto Rico: Lighthouses

August 7th is National Lighthouse Day!  And we are celebrating by highlighting the lighthouse of Puerto Rico.   If you are a lighthouse fanatic, or even looking to add a little history into your next vacation in Puerto Rico, consider touring some of the wonderful lighthouses to be found in Puerto Rico. The lighthouses of Puerto […]

Vieques Horses

Horses run free in Vieques, and admittedly, it is one of my favorite things about Vieques.  There is just something so fun and Caribbean about traffic jams caused by horses.  Of course, there are positives and negatives to this phenomenon; but it is something entirely unique to Vieques. History of the Vieques Horses The wild […]

Puerto Rico History: Sugar Mills

For many years, visiting the abandoned sugar mills (Centrales) in Puerto Rico was a favorite pastime.  Long since closed, the ruins of the sugar mills are decaying and in disrepair.  It is a shame that more isn’t being done to preserve such an important part of history.  The production of sugar was an important aspect […]

Top 5 Favorite Vieques Beaches


On this small island, you have ample choice of beaches. All of them are lovely and it is hard to choose just one – each has a personality of their own.   Here’s a guide to 5 of our favorite Vieques beaches: Red Beach (Caracas) Red Beach, along with Blue and Green Beach described below, were […]

The History Buff’s List of What to Do in Puerto Rico

what to do in puerto rico

If you enjoy history than finding what to do in Puerto Rico on your vacation will not be difficult. Puerto Rico boasts some of the most interesting history from the middle New World. Visiting many of the fort settlements, constructed by the Spanish to protect from British and French invaders, will give you a look […]