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Captain Tim takes you on a tour of Caribbean history with postings about interesting history of the Caribbean. From Sugar Mills, to Lighthouses and facts about how life has changed (or stayed the same) over the last several centuries.

Hotels in Old San Juan Puerto Rico Have Lots to Offer

san juan puerto rico

Old San Juan in Puerto Rico is a 465-year-old neighborhood originally conceived as a military stronghold. Its 7-square-block area has evolved into a charming residential and commercial district. Protected by its two proud forts, the walled city of San Juan recalls a past era, and yet dazzles with sophisticated restaurants, charming hotels, and a sizzling […]

Visit the Vieques Archaelogical Site


On a recent weekend trip to Vieques, we had a spare hour and decided to check out the Archaelogical site of the Hombre de Puerto Ferro.  Located on Carr. 977 (on the way to Sun Bay) it is a dirt road that takes you up the hill to a clearing with large rocks that are […]

Culture of Puerto Rico: All about Hammocks

hammcoks puerto rico

Hammocks are a large part of the culture of Puerto Rico. Along the roadsides you can find many vendors selling all types of hammocks made of different materials, colors and styles. For many years they have been associated with Caribbean living because of the pictures at the beach with a hammock hanging between two palm […]

Caribbean Liquers

blue curacao

We talk so much about rum down here in the Caribbean that recently I got to thinking about Liquers… I wondered if there were any famous Caribbean liquers; if we had tried them, were they any good, and so on and so forth. What is a Liquer? A liquer, also known as a cordial or […]

Best Hotel Hideouts in Historic Caribbean

caribbean hotel hideouts

When planning your travel and leisure in the Caribbean, you may be looking for a great hotel hideout, with access to the history of Caribbean. The most fascinating thing is that these hotels have remained a great force in attracting lovers of history, pleasure, and exploration to date. Do you plan to have a holiday […]

Caribbean Style and Elegance: The Guayabera


On July 1st Cuba celebrates the Dia de La Guayabera…  here in Puerto Rico, we think any day is worth celebrating the iconic guayabera!  Guayaberas are a traditional men’s shirt that can be worn both casually or in more formal settings.  It is popular throughout Mexico, Cental America, and the Caribbean.  It is also known […]

Vejigante Masks: A Puerto Rican Tradition

vejigante puerto rico

The Vejigante (Vay-he-GAHN-tay) is a fantastic, colorful character introduced into carnival celebrations in Puerto Rico hundreds of years ago from medieval Spain., and is still an important part of Puerto Rican culture today.  During the carnival celebrations in Loiza, Aldea and Ponce, the Vejigantes roam the streets in groups and chase children with their vejigas […]

Then and Now: Puerto Rico Maps

Puerto Rico was first founded in 1493 by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage.  Over the following 600 years, the island was a colony of Spain, beat off attacks by the British and Dutch, among others, and finally was lost in the Spanish American War in 1898 to the Americans.  Over those 600 years, the […]

Celebrate the Irish History of Puerto Rico this St. Patrick’s Day

It is almost St. Patrick’s Day- the ubiquitous Irish holiday that brings out the wearin’ o’ the green-  and the Irish in us yearns to break free and do a jig.  When thinking of St. Patrick Day celebrations, everyone thinks of the events that are celebrated in Boston or New York City – large communities […]

Who were the real Pirates of the Caribbean?

pirates of the caribbean

I have to admit, sometimes I consider myself somewhat a Pirate of the Caribbean.  Or, at least I imagine what it must have been like to have been one. These daydreams usually come to fruition when I’m racked back on my favorite lounge chair on my deck, eyes gazing past the foothills of the El […]