Caribbean Trading Company Island Goodies Giveaway

It’s that time again! With the success of our last Caribbean Trading Company Island Goodies Giveaway, we’ve decided to host another. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and wouldn’t it be great to treat your guests to a litttle Caribbean flavor this year. Enter today via Facebook or Twitter and don’t forget to Like and Follow while you are at it. One grandprize winner will receive their choice of 10 items from the NEW Caribbean Trading Company Gourmet line up. Check out the selection below:


Habañero Mango Mustard


Blending the tang of mustard, the sweetness of mango and the heat of the Caribbean will surely liven up your favorite dish. More than just zesty flavor sophistication, this mustard is hot stuff. Habañero takes the tang of mustard to new heights.  Mango adds another layer of fruity and flavorful. Pour a demonic dollop on chops, steaks, and fish or stir sensations into salad dressing and sauces.


Make your tongue dance! Salsa is a simple thing that adds so much spice to life. Our special recipe makes all the right moves. We hit the notes of hot habañero pepper, tangy onion and cool mango, pineapple, papaya and tomato and blend to a texture that’s chunky enough to scoop on a chip, smooth enough to pour over meat, fish and chicken.  A bounty of delight!


Crushed Pepper Sauces de Puerto Rico
Carribbean Trading Company boasts a nice assortment of gourmet crushed pepper sauces to suit a variety of pallets. Whether you enjoy a little heat with your dish or a blazing inferno for a meal, CTC has the right sauce for you.
Crushed Pepper Sauce flavors include:
Puerto Rican Seasonings
Make life simpler with these gourmet blends of spices. Perfectly portioned for optimal taste Caribbean Trading Company Puerto Rican Seasonings include:

Caribbean Wing Sauces

Hot wings take off and fly to the tropics.  These will make your chicken wings get down and do the funky chicken, Caribbean style!


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