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Here we talk about the fun fashion of the Caribbean. Caribbean wearables – what’s hot, what’s not, and what to wear on a Caribbean island for maximum enjoyment.

Caribbean Trading Exclusive T shirts now available Online

Discover the comfort of the Caribbean with these soft washed garment pigment dyed t shirts.  Relax with premium pre-shrunk 6.1 oz. ruing spun cotton that will forever fit as it did the first day.  Quality to last as long as you with that killer sunset would. Captain Tim has been designing his own t shirts […]

Caribbean Style and Elegance: Larimar Jewelry


Larimar is found on a one square kilometer on a mountaintop on the Island of Hispaniola, in the Dominican Republic. This blue pigmented pectolite was first discovered in 1916 but never mined until 1974. Larimar comes in all different shades of blue and green, with no two stones being a like.  The most popular color […]

The Camp Shirt: Caribbean Style and Elegance

Our most popular request for men’s clothing for our travelers are always camp shirts, tropical shirts and Guayaberas.  When researching this posting, we learned that all of these shirts fall into the “Camp Shirt” category…. What is a Camp Shirt? A camp shirt is a loose fitting; short sleeved button-down shirt, featuring a straight bottom […]

Caribbean Style and Elegance: The Guayabera


On July 1st Cuba celebrates the Dia de La Guayabera…  here in Puerto Rico, we think any day is worth celebrating the iconic guayabera!  Guayaberas are a traditional men’s shirt that can be worn both casually or in more formal settings.  It is popular throughout Mexico, Cental America, and the Caribbean.  It is also known […]

How to Tie on A Sarong or Pareo

Sarongs, otherwise known as Pareos, are the perfect Caribbean and tropical fashion accessory.  We’ve been selling them for years – short, long, sheer, cotton, rayon, tropical and subtle – there is a style to fit every need and match every bathing suit.  And we’ve been demonstrating ways to wear them as well… I’m always surprised […]

Celebrate National Hat Day with the Panama and Pava Hat

January 15th is National Hat Day, and as such, it is the perfect day to celebrate the legendary hats of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean!  In the tropical world, with the bright sun bearing down year-round, the Panama Hat and Pava Hat have figured strongly throughout history as an important staple of everyday and work […]