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Captain Tim travels the Caribbean living the Caribbean lifestyle. These postings are all about interesting topics that epitomize the Caribbean lifestyle.

Rum-Beer Cocktail Recipe

rum beer cocktail

Anything that combines beer and hard liquor always seems a little strange to me, mostly I think because I went through college following the mantra of “beer before liquor…..”. anyway, I have found that sometimes it makes for a nice combination after all. It will want to make you do the rumba, hence the Rum-Beer […]

New Caribbean Candies from Caribbean Trading

caribbean candy

We are so excited to announce our new line of Caribbean candies. Offering a mix of tropical salt water taffy, gummies, and hard candies, there is a tropical flavor for for every palate. They are available in small and large sizes. The large size are for sharing, and the small sizes are perfect as part […]

Puerto Rican Pinchos: A Quick and Easy BBQ Recipe

pinchos caribbean trading company

If you have ever visited Puerto Rico, you will have seen lots of roadside stands advertising “Pinchos”. What is a Pincho? It is a Shish kebob! And Puerto Rico knows how to do them right…. Pinchos, Spanish for “spikes,” is a simple and versatile dish and are commonly made with pork or chicken and a […]

The Many Ways to Use Coconut Oil

coconut oil caribbean trading company

There are lots of excellent uses for coconut oil!  With so many coconuts available for use in Puerto Rico, experimenting with the ways to use them has become a really fun hobby.  It is super healthy. Here is a listing of many non-edible ways to use coconut oil: As a body lotion and moisturizer: Smooth […]

Puerto Rican Sangria


Sangria is a wine punch. There are several variations on sangria recipes, but a good sangría typically consists of red wine, fresh fruit, a small amount of liquor spirits, a sweetener, and sometimes carbonated water. This sangria recipe is a variation from the island of Puerto Rico. Choose a nice Rosé wine and Puerto Rican […]

Caribbean Honey Chicken Bites

caribbean chicken honey bites

Yum These yummy chicken bites make for a great appetizer for any party or event! The combination of ginger and papaya, scotch bonnet heat and honey, this Caribbean twist on the ingredients packs some awesome flavor. Ingredients ½ cup honey 2 tablespoons Papaya Passion Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce 1 teaspoon soy sauce 1 garlic clove, […]

Healthy Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe

passion fruit smoothie caribbean trading company

Yum Well, passion fruits are coming back into season again and once again, I am on the look out for great recipes to use them with.   I recently started having smoothies or shakes for breakfast, and so a Passion fruit smoothie seemed like the right choice!   3 passion fruits 1 banana, chopped 1 small […]

Ham Frittata with a Kick

ham frittata

Yum Frittatas are so easy to make and are great for breakfast, brunch or even dinner. This ham frittata recipe will blow you away!  You can basically throw just about anything in there and it is a really good way to use up extra ingredients you have in the fridge… I used Caribbean Trading’s Habanero […]

Tropical Mimosas


Yum Tropical mimosas are a favorite part of Sunday Brunch down here…. The sparkly champagne combined with juice just screams ‘day off’, take your time, and enjoy yourself all in one pretty champagne glass. Of course there is nothing wrong with a mimosa with the traditional orange juice. But if you haven’t tried it with […]