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Sweets and Treats from the Caribbean – an entire category of Captain Tim’s blog is dedicated to Caribbean treats.

Coco Frio (Cold Coconut Water)

Man climbing a coconut tree

.Why in the world would anyone want to drink fresh coconut water(coco frio)? Well, life in the Caribbean is much different than in the mainland US or most everywhere for that matter.  The main differences could be pointed to the weather, the people, the food and the attitude.  The weather for the most part is […]

Holiday Coquito Cocktail Recipes from The Condado Plaza Hilton


Add a tropical twist to this season’s holiday entertaining by serving Coquitos, rich and creamy eggnog-like cocktails traditionally served in Puerto Rico. Although the Coquito is generally made with rum, coconut milk, sweet condensed milk and spices including vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves, The Condado Plaza Hilton‘s Executive Chef Maria Germania has created tropical versions using flavors including Guava and Pistachio. Recipes for those, as […]

What is Alcoholado? A Puerto Rican Home Remedy


Alcoholado can be found throughout Puerto Rico just about everywhere.  There are many styles and brands and we carry a couple of artisan brands here at the Caribbean Trading Company Store.  But we often get asked  by our customers for details on what it is and what alcoholado is good for.  We figured it was […]

The Crew’s 5 Favorite Puerto Rico Products

Here at Caribbean Trading Company, our focus is on unique and authentic gifts.  As part of that, we are always on the search for great local products, attending many festivals throughout the year and also sourcing for our retail shops.  Puerto Rico offers a wealth of options and is known for some really great products, […]

Dulces Tipicos – The Traditional Candies of Puerto Rico

One of the most prominent Puerto Rican figures is “el jíbaro” (hillbilly), a country person from the mountainous interior, which is an idealized folk hero, common in island literature and the arts. The jíbaro continues to fascinate artists of various disciplines, and the term is used on a daily basis as a sign of affection, […]

Events in Puerto Rico November 2012

Another month in 2012 has officially ended and once again we find ourselves looking forward into November. As we begin to make preparations for the holidays, Puerto Rico is alive and thriving, with events ranging from the Rum & Beer Festival to Discovery of Puerto Rico Day to Thanksgiving. No matter what you’re interested in, […]

Besitos de Coco Recipe

Besitos de Coco

Yum Besitos de Coco (or Coconut Kisses) are the Latin version of Coconut Macaroons.  These delightful confections will melt in your mouth!  They are a perennial favorite here in Puerto Rico and super-easy to make.  There are many variations to this recipe, but below is a good basic one.  This recipe can then be dressed […]

Tea Time with the Captain – Coconut Truffle

A rare treat indeed, the Captain’s Coconut Truffle tea is a hearty black tea blended with coconut and, oh yes, chocolate. The Captain suggests adding steamed milk and sugar to create your own special dessert. Perhaps, maybe, you’d prefer a spoon of caramel instead? Whatever it be, this decadent blend is exclusively from Caribbean Trading […]

Trick-or-Treat with Caribbean Sweets

Halloween is a time for ghouls, goblins, chupacabras and sweets! Put some Caribbean flavor into your fall candy line up with an arrangement from Caribbean Trading Company. Woo your wee ones with an assortment of Dulces Tipicos de Puerto Rico or get the party going with the grownups and a tray full of Caribbean Rum […]

Tea Time with the Captain – Mango Rose

mango rose

The Admiral’s choice, Captain Tim’s Mango Rose tea is an exceptional blend of green tea, colorful blossoms and exotic fruits. Whether brewing your tea on the mainland or out at sea, the flavors and aromas of this exotic blend bring to life the Boricano spirit of Puerto Rico. Exclusively from Caribbean Trading Company.