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Caribbean cocktails are one of Captain Tim’s favorite things to post about! A splash of Caribbean rum, a dash of something awesome and soon there is a fantastic cocktail perfect for watching the sun set!

Rum Quotes and Rum Drinking Toasts

The Caribbean is undoubtedly the epicenter of all rum production in the world. Virtually every island here produces its own distinct rum style. More than 80% of the world’s total output comes from here, of which 80% of the US supply comes from Puerto Rico. In honor of Rum and sultry Caribbean nights, here are […]

5 More Awesome Caribbean Cocktails


Just Add Water… Keep things simple at Marriott Stanton South Beach with an H2RUM – all you need is some Parrot Bay and a splash of coconut water. Oh, and a freshly fallen coconut, of course. The hotel’s bartender personally brings the coconuts in from his yard to mix this refreshing concoction for thirsty guests. Talk about service! H2RUM Ingredients: 1.5 […]

5 Caribbean Cocktail Recipes

Here are five excellent rum cocktail recipes from the Caribbean’s favorite resorts! You will love these Caribbean cocktail recipes! Back to the Birthplace…Since Barbados is the birthplace of rum and home to the Mount Gay Rum factory), it’s only fitting to celebrate with Elegant Hotels’ signature Rum Punch. Imbibe and unwind by the beach with this fruity concoction […]

Caribbean Rum Trail

The folks over at Coconut Bay Resort put together a neat interactive map of Caribbean rum distilleries and we are excited to share it with you! It’s interactive so you can click on a distillery and up pops the information about the delicious Caribbean rum from that island. (Click on the image below to check […]

Frozen Rum Runners: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

This citrus berry blended rum cocktail recipe will whisk your mind to a tropical location sitting in a hammock in the breeze. Sipping on one of these in the summer and day dreaming of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Try these blended or over the […]

Stormy: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

This Bermuda-born rum cocktail recipe is dark and stormy. For those of you who believe or not that you can become lost in the Bermuda triangle, this rum cocktail is sure to get you lost in flavor. Its Caribbean flavors and ingredients are best served as a mid-afternoon cocktail with some light hors d’oeuvres. Sip […]

Caribbean Harmony: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

This cooling rum cocktail recipe will sure be a hit at your next summer barbeque. Try this fruit slushy with a kick to add some Caribbean flair to your party that your guests will never forget. Ingredients: 12 oz. Appleton VX Jamaica Rum 6 oz. June Plum Juice 1 oz. Lime Juice 8 slices of […]

Caipirinha: a World Cup Themed Cocktail

The World Cup starts today and we are excited!  In honor of Brazil, we are going to toast the opening of the game with Brazil’s National Drink, which happens to pair very nicely with Caribbean Rums if you are unable to find the traditional cachaco.  #ThirstyThursday.  Enjoy! The Caipirinha is made with a base of […]

A Puerto Rican Cocktail Recipe: Easy Breezy

This Puerto Rican Cocktail includes the sweet Caribbean tastes of pineapple mixed with the light taste of Crème de Almond. This icy drink is sure to hit the spot when you are craving a sweet tropical cocktail to end a hard day. This is a cocktail best enjoyed on a hot summer day, next to […]

Sweet Beach: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

caribbean cocktail

This rum cocktail recipe comes from the desert-like island of Bonaire. With abundant natural flora and fauna this island boasts wild flamingos. Serve this pink drink at any cocktail party and your guests are sure to feel like they just warped to the Caribbean and back during your party. Ingredients: ½ ounce Chambord 1 ounce […]