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Caribbean cocktails are one of Captain Tim’s favorite things to post about! A splash of Caribbean rum, a dash of something awesome and soon there is a fantastic cocktail perfect for watching the sun set!

Mom’s Rumtastic Cocktail: A cocktail Recipe perfect for Mother’s Day

caribbean trading cocktail

Yum This cocktail is an alternative play on a cosmopolitan. It is light and refreshing and perfect as part of a Mother’s Day brunch or barbecue. The below recipe is for one cocktail, but this would make for a great punch and adding a little champagne or some sprite will give it a nice punch […]

Gold Rum Shooters: Easy Cocktail Recipes

gold rum

Every now and then a shooter is required rather than a mixed drink – think cheersing for a celebration. Here are 3 easy shooter recipes made with Gold Rum. You can use Bacardi, but I recommend Don Q Gold if you can get your hands on it. these recipes are courtesy of Angel Hair […]

Ginger Citrus Slammer Cocktail

citrus ginger

The Ginger Citrus Slammer cocktail pairs two Caribbean flavors together – ginger and citrus – that go so well together. The punch of a little heat is the perfect offset to this flavor combination. Made with rum, you couldn’t ask for a more Caribbean cocktail.  Cool and refreshing contrasted against spice and heat.  This is […]

Cuba Libre: A Quick and Easy Caribbean Cocktail

cuba libre

It seemed the right time to talk about a Cuba Libre as the US begins to normalize relations with Cuba. In honor of this historic change, we bring you the Cuba Libre Cocktail. It has a rather interesting history that ties Bacardi (a once Cuban, now Puerto Rican rum) with Coca Cola and a whole […]

Victoria’s Secret Island Angel Cocktail

victoria's secret

Viewers tuning into the first-ever Victoria’s Secret TV Swim Special on February 26 can enjoy an extra sweet treat from Puerto Rico’s El Conquistador Resort, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, where the Angels shot their annual swimsuit catalogue. Whether it’s at home, or on Palomino Island, the resort’s private 100-acre tropical enclave where the models suntanned […]

Try a Medallada: A Quick and Easy Cocktail Recipe

So recently I came upon a recipe for bloody mary type of beer cocktail that called for a Mexican lager. It got me thinking…. What if we tried it with a Medalla beer out of Puerto Rico? The beers are pretty similar in terms of the taste and such, so why not, right? This is […]

Berry Spicy Margarita: A Caribbean Cocktail

spicy margarita

Get ready for this Berry Spicy Margarita recipe…. we like it spicy! We like it in our food and we even like it in our drinks. Nothing cools you down on a hot day better than to raise the heat with some hot sauce. (it’s true- it’s like drinking hot coffee when it’s hot outside […]

Passion fruit Mojito Cocktail Recipe

passion fruit mojito

Well, this year has been a very successful year for our Passionfruit vine. We’ve already harvested over 50 of them and are still getting about 5 flowers a day, so we conceivably have more than a month left to go (hopefully more). Well, we’ve been eating them, freezing them, and giving them away (a friend […]