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Caribbean cocktails are one of Captain Tim’s favorite things to post about! A splash of Caribbean rum, a dash of something awesome and soon there is a fantastic cocktail perfect for watching the sun set!

Coconut Gin and Tonic

coconut gin and tonic

This coconut Gin and Tonic cocktail is infused with naturally-sweet coconut water for a refreshing, healthier cocktail perfect any time of year. This recipe originally appeared on Minimalist Baker Serves: 1 Ingredients 2 ounces gin 2 ounces coconut water 2 ounces tonic water juice of 1/2 lime (1-2 Tbsp) Instructions Add ice to a serving glass […]

Champagne Mojitos

champagne mojito

Nothing is better than a champagne type drink for those weekend brunches.  This is a mojito style mimosa that is just lovely and makes a nice pairing with many brunch dishes.  This recipe originally appeared on Foodie Crush and was adapted from Bobby Flay Serves: 6 servings Ingredients ¼ cup fresh mint leaves, plus more […]

Berry Cab Caipirinha


For this punch-like take on the caipirinha, Cantina uses a Cabernet blended with a good amount of spicy Syrah. It offers a nice blend of a sangria type drink with a shot of sugar.  This recipe came from Cocktails 2008 via Ingredients SERVINGS: Makes 6 drinks 24 blackberries 4 ounces Simple Syrup 12 ounces […]

Quarterjack Cocktail from Puerto Rico’s Condado Plaza Hilton

In honor of the official start of the college football season this Labor Day weekend, the recently debuted Ashford Sports Lounge at Puerto Rico’s Condado Plaza Hilton introduces a new touchdown-worthy drink, “The Quarterjack.” A sophisticated blend of Jack Daniels, Amaretto, coconut water, pineapple juice and fresh lime juice, guests and visitors alike to the island’s historic […]

Passionate Hurricane – An Easy Tropical Cocktail Recipe


This cocktail serves up passion fruit juice with some lime and rum.  It is the perfect Caribbean cocktail!  As usual, it is that time of year again when the passion fruit are falling off the vine so fast that I am struggling to find new and exciting ways to use it.  I learned last year […]

Rum-Beer Cocktail Recipe

rum beer cocktail

Anything that combines beer and hard liquor always seems a little strange to me, mostly I think because I went through college following the mantra of “beer before liquor…..”. anyway, I have found that sometimes it makes for a nice combination after all. It will want to make you do the rumba, hence the Rum-Beer […]

Puerto Rican Sangria


Sangria is a wine punch. There are several variations on sangria recipes, but a good sangría typically consists of red wine, fresh fruit, a small amount of liquor spirits, a sweetener, and sometimes carbonated water. This sangria recipe is a variation from the island of Puerto Rico. Choose a nice Rosé wine and Puerto Rican […]

Healthy Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe

passion fruit smoothie caribbean trading company

Yum Well, passion fruits are coming back into season again and once again, I am on the look out for great recipes to use them with.   I recently started having smoothies or shakes for breakfast, and so a Passion fruit smoothie seemed like the right choice!   3 passion fruits 1 banana, chopped 1 small […]

Tropical Mimosas


Yum Tropical mimosas are a favorite part of Sunday Brunch down here…. The sparkly champagne combined with juice just screams ‘day off’, take your time, and enjoy yourself all in one pretty champagne glass. Of course there is nothing wrong with a mimosa with the traditional orange juice. But if you haven’t tried it with […]