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Captain Tim travels the Caribbean living the Caribbean lifestyle. These postings are all about interesting topics that epitomize the Caribbean lifestyle.

Coco Frio (Cold Coconut Water)

Man climbing a coconut tree

.Why in the world would anyone want to drink fresh coconut water(coco frio)? Well, life in the Caribbean is much different than in the mainland US or most everywhere for that matter.  The main differences could be pointed to the weather, the people, the food and the attitude.  The weather for the most part is […]

The Caribbean Cigar Experience

Caribbean Cigars with Roses

  Caribbean cigars. When we think of the best cigars in the world, Caribbean cigars, we often turn our attention to Cuba.  This is where the best cigar rollers are said to be based. However, the entire Caribbean region has become a major rival to Cuba. Many expert cigar rollers and tobacco companies located in […]

Caribbean Drink Guide


The Caribbean is home to beautiful white sandy beaches, blue sea, and arguably the best tasting rum in the world! This tropical paradise is the inspiration for many famous and colorful rum-based delights that quench the thirst.  There are many mouthwatering cocktails to enjoy Caribbean style. Whether you’re shaking up a refreshing drink ready for […]

Caribbean Food You Must Try

Caribbean Food You Must Try: A Guide to Caribbean Cuisine Eating different types of food from all over the world can only make one a better person, because if there’s anything that fights prejudice and misconceptions, then it’s definitely the special connections made through eating and swapping recipes. Caribbean food is known for its seafood […]

How Does Ecotourism Affect the Environment?


Mass tourism over the last few decades has led to the destruction of many natural habitats, erosion of previously unspoiled landscapes and harm to local communities. It has also caused a surge in carbon emissions which contribute to climate change. Thankfully, eco-tourism is fighting back. Providing a greener, cleaner and more ethically minded alternative, it […]

Bumper Stickers Rock!

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers have been around for a long time. In the late 1920’s to 1940’s they were mostly made of metal or cardboard. However, they were not stickers at all. They were usually wired to the car instead. In 1946 Forest Gill, a silkscreen printer in Kansas, pioneered the use of self-adhesive paper for bumper […]

Island Magic Citrus Marinade for Steak

This yummy marinade with steak pairs so nicely with rice or with vegetables.  We tried this recipe on steak that we put on the barbecus along with some grilled zucchini and baked potatoes.  It was fantastic!  The citrus marinade gives it a nice summery flavor.  Serves 6. Ingredients ¼ cup Orange JuiceJuice of ½ fresh […]

We’re Just Getting Started

Three Kings Day Today is December, 26th, and the Christmas season is just getting started here in Puerto Rico. As a child growing up in the states, I would anxiously await Christmas Day, knowing that the festivities would all be over on the 26th.  Here in Puerto Rico, January, 6, also known as Three Kings […]

It’s That Time of Year: Good Food and Good Friends

With less than a week until Christmas, I asked a few of the girls at our Palmer location what some of their favorite Christmas traditions are that are unique to Puerto Rico. Pasteles, Coquito, and Parranda were easily the top three. From this I realize that delicious food, a good drink, and spending time with […]