But first, Coffee.

The Puerto Rico Coffee Expo is an event that features the rich fragrant aroma of the finest coffee that Puerto Rico has to offer.  Local coffee shops, supermarkets, cafes and the catering industry will all come together to feature the latest developments and trends in the coffee industry. The coffee industry in Puerto Rico will be marking its 275th anniversary this year.  The celebration is sure to draw coffee lovers together in an environment brewing with fun events:  coffee samples, live music, workshops, lectures by experts, business development opportunities, competitions, demonstrations, and a 2,750 gallon cup of coffee!

Meet over 100 exhibitors and taste test some excellent coffee.  It is said that coffee contains over 800 flavor characteristics that our senses can detect.  Aroma gives the first hint of how coffee will taste.  Most of our sense of taste comes from our sense of smell. The acidity of a coffee flavor does not refer to the coffee being sour or bitter; rather, it refers to a lively, tangy, palate-cleansing property.  The body of a coffee refers to the weight and thickness of a coffee in your mouth and the flavor of the coffee is the overall impression of the aroma and body.

A cup of coffee can enhance an already delicious meal if paired together with complimentary food items.  Dark roasts will pair better with richer more indulgent foods like meats, nuts, and chocolate. Lighter roasts are crisp and bright and tend to pair well with breakfast items.

This coffee celebration is sure to inspire the mind and wake up the senses.  Discover why Puerto Rico is renowned for producing delicious coffee.