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All about Puerto Rico art – from festivals and museums to individual artists, this is where you can read all about it.

Artisan Fairs of Puerto Rico

artisan fairs

Artisan fairs and festivals are a staple of Puerto Rican life and culture. All municipalities host festivals honoring their patron saints and there are themed fairs based on local fruits, vegetables,or crafts There are festivals to celebrate holidays, musical instruments – pretty much there is a festival for everything. If oyu are planning a visit […]

The Art of Palm Weaving

palm weaving

The art of palm weaving is alive and well in Puerto Rico, as it is in many parts of the world. With an abundance of natural materials, i.e. the palm tree, there is always the base material available to start the next project. Palm weaving is the folding and weaving of strips of palm leaves […]

Artisan Corner: Master Ceramist Puerto Rican Artisan Nicolas

  As part of our search to bring people new and exciting Caribbean art, every year we attend the famous (or infamous!) San  Sebastian Festival in Old San Juan.  This festival marks the end of the holiday season and isPuerto Rico’s version of Carnaval.  All of the streets are shut down and there is music and […]

Inspire Your Heart with Art with Our Featured Puerto Rican Artisan Elizabeth G.

January 31st is National Inspire your Heart with Art Day!  In honor of this auspicious day, the Crew here at Caribbean Trading Company wanted to share one of our favorite local artists with you… We think Elizabeth’s work is the perfect artist to showcase on Inspire your Heart with Art Day because her mixed-media collage […]