A Sightseer’s Guide to Puerto Rico

There are so many things to do in Puerto Rico, that the problem is not finding something of interest; rather, it is prioritizing the list of things to do in Puerto Rico according to how much time one has.  I have lived in Puerto Rico for over 15 years and there are still many places on my Puerto Rico ‘bucket list’!  Here is our great new inforgraphic on some of the top things to do in Puerto Rico.  However, it is only a sampling… there are many more things to do and perhaps in the future we will add to them….

Puerto Rico Travel Infographic

Here are some additional locations that should also be on the list:

Fajardo – Glowing waters of the Bioluminescent Bay; Boating/Marina Capital

Arecibo – Arecibo Observatory – largest radio telescope

Ponce – home of largest Carnaval, vejigante masks, and Art Museum

Coamo- Baths / Thermal Springs

Aibonito – known for its flowers and flower festival

Luquillo – Amazing Beaches and roadside food kioskos

Jayuya – Taino Indian relics

Loiza – traditional coconut vejigante masks

Barceloneta – black sand beaches


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