Mi Madre Pique Puerto Rico (20) 6.4 oz. Bottles with Shipping Included


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In Puerto Rico,  pique (hot sauce), is as common a condiment as ketchup is on the mainland.  The kioskos (food stands) that are throughout the islands usually have 2 or 3 fresh varieties for your frituras (fried foods).  Made with whole garlic, peppers and peppercorns then marinated in vinegar over a period of time, these piques are hot and delicious.  Mi Madre pique Puerto Rico is a favorite.

100% natural, GMO Free and artisanally handcrafted using a premier collection of high quality ingredients, all mixed together with the one-of-a-kind ‘Habanero’ pepper to create the finest hot sauce in the Caribbean.  Made locally in Puerto Rico and packed with flavor, this pique is great on everything from the lightest veggies to the heartiest steak.

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Includes (20) 6.4 oz Bottles

Weight 16 oz


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