Garlic Lover’s Duo Crushed Pepper Sauces – Shipping Included


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Garlic and Hot Peppers make the world go around.  Might as well go around twice if you can.This pack includes our two most popular garlic hot sauces:

On the Plank Garlic Habañero Crushed Pepper Sauce 5 oz. (Mild) Hot red crushed Caribbean Habañero peppers and just the right amount of garlicky goodness. Garlic lovers rejoice! Great on meats, eggs, ethnic specialties, poultry, soups, dressings, chili and marinades. Yeah, baby. It’s hot. You won’t need to walk the plank to cool down. But you’ll want to sit on the end and dabble your toes with all the creatures of the sea that this garlic habañero crushed pepper sauce makes so torrid. And so tempting.

Fire Roasted Habañero Garlic Infused Crushed Pepper Sauce 5 oz. (Hot) Slow heavenly roasted Habañero peppers, infused with just the right amount of garlic set the tone for a Caribbean Flavor Fiesta! It’s singing strong notes of hot smoky scrumptious melodies harmonized with garlicky greatness. Great on pork, chicken, soups and you’ll be sure to find any other excuses you can to pour it on again and again. – -Fight fire with fire. Then simply surrender; it’s the easiest and most delicious thing to do. Take habañero heat and add to intensity with a fire roasting flavor explosion. Mix in garlicky goodness. Enjoy.

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