Cucumber Mango / Orange-Habañero Crushed Pepper Sauce


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5oz. – The Cucumber Mango /Orange Habañero Crushed Pepper Sauce is one of our milder hot sauces.  The Cucumber and Mango offer an offsetting coolness to the heat of the Orange Habanero.

Heat Level- Mild

Both hot and cool, all at once. It might be magic, if that’s what your happy tongue wants to believe. Or it might just be a clever concoction of sweet fruit, savory veggies, and a subtle habañero zip (as subtle as hot peppers get).

Everything is really hot and really real – no MSG or insincerity in the Caribbean Trading Co. kitchen! Get hot and spicy in a natural way. Here in the Caribbean, heat is a thing we know and love, all year round. Fruits and vegetables are always in season, our tables are swimming in fresh zesty flavors, and so are our crushed pepper sauces, full of chunks of mango fruit and cucumber  veggies. Pepper raises the all-around temperature in this part of the world, so pepper lovers can live out their fiery dreams with our spice and pepper sauce products.



Recipe Ideas for this Product:

Spicy Cucumber and Mango Chicken

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