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The Tesoro del Sol Whole Bean coffee is produced for Caribbean Trading Company at the top of the Uroyan mountains, 2300 feet high in the heart of western Puerto Rico.  The farm uses no pesticides and the coffee is handpicked when fully ripe, carefully depulped, washed, sun dried and stored under strictly controlled humidity conditions.  This extra prime coffee is then roasted to perfection with great care given to maintaining its superior quality.   100 % café arabico, our coffee is soft bodied with a sweet aroma, giving it that legendary “Old Caribbean” character.  Smoother than most coffees, Café Tesoro del Sol is the perfect morning eye opener or as a compliment to an excellent meal.

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Whole Bean

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  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    One of the best coffees I’ve ever had. Really smooth with no bitter aftertaste. I got hooked when we were offered it in their store. We have been ordering it for three years now. Excellent!

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