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Yagua Paintings

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Palm trees grow in coastal locations and require significant heat and sunshine – such as in Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment. Between the coconuts, you have what seems like large dry leaves that we call “Yagua.” The yagua is the thick sheathing leaf base of the royal palm or betel palm. This prime material was utilized by countrymen to cover their roofs, laundresses would carry their clothes and children would slide over them.

One of our unique artisans, Lunny, is well known for painting beautiful images of Puerto Rico and its people. Her art style is different from many – not using an ordinary canvas she utilizes acrylics, oleo, and the “Yagua” as her background. She cleans and prepares this distinctive material to preserve them and then paints her images over them. Panoramic views of the island of Puerto Rico are her specialty, but there are many other options available.

The Yagua is distinctive in growth, form, color and size, and each of her creations will be one of a kind. After her art work is done, she prepares a wooden shadow box with colorful matting and places the Yagua. The beautiful painted leaf will preserve its original shape and texture that can be visualized through the glass.

These are available in shadow boxes as well as flat frames. The shadow box is a more unique piece due to the fact that the leaf will not be flattened by the glass of the picture frame. The natural form of the leaf can then be appreciated.They will be nicely wrapped in craft paper with a raffia bow.Other sizes available.

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