All About Dominoes in the Caribbean: Games and Variations

If you are looking for a new game to play, or a new variation of playing your next domino game with friends give these Caribbean styles a try. These four games began in Jamaica and Puerto Rico, but today are played all over the Caribbean and even in parts of Mexico. So dust off that […] Categories: Caribbean Lifestyle, Culture, Kids, Puerto Rico
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hammcoks puerto rico

Culture of Puerto Rico: All about Hammocks

Hammocks are a large part of the culture of Puerto Rico. Along the roadsides you can find many vendors selling all types of hammocks made of different materials, colors and styles. For many years they have been associated with Caribbean living because of the pictures at the beach with a hammock hanging between two palm […] Categories: Caribbean History, Caribbean Lifestyle, Culture, Kids, Puerto Rico
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taino symbols puerto rico

Taino Symbols of Puerto Rico: An Introduction

Puerto Rico was inhabited by the Taino Indians long before Columbus arrived in 1493.  They were primarily farmers and fisherman.  After the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores, the Taino population was decimated by famine, disease, and war within twenty years.  Today, the Taino’s blood is part of the Puerto Rican heritage and through research and […] Categories: Caribbean Lifestyle, Culture, Kids, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Hot Spots, Travel

Celebrate Frog Jumping Day with Puerto Rico’s Coqui

May 13th is Frog Jumping Day!  Well, this day was just made for Puerto Rico as we have an enduring love affair with the Coqui frog. There are currently 18 known species of the coqui in Puerto Rico.  The Eleutherodactylus coquí, or coquí común, is the most common species of coquí on the island of […] Categories: Caribbean Lifestyle, Caribbean Trading Company, Culture, Kids, Products, Puerto Rico
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Sea Turtles of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

One of our favorite events in April is the Tinglar Festival in Luquillo, Puerto Rico.  This is its’ 8th year and will be held April 13th this year in the town  Plaza.  The Tinglar (Sea Turtle) Festival is in honor of the importance of the beaches in Luquillo as breeding grounds for the Sea Turtles of […] Categories: Caribbean Lifestyle, Events, Kids, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Hot Spots
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pirates of the caribbean

Who were the real Pirates of the Caribbean?

I have to admit, sometimes I consider myself somewhat a Pirate of the Caribbean.  Or, at least I imagine what it must have been like to have been one. These daydreams usually come to fruition when I’m racked back on my favorite lounge chair on my deck, eyes gazing past the foothills of the El […] Categories: Caribbean History, Caribbean Lifestyle, Kids
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Returning to Rich Traditions through Children’s Books

Doesn’t it appear that life is rushing by us sometimes? Even the Holiday Season is here, rapidly once again. Barely did the month of November begin when stores were laden with displays; not to mention the deluge of television, radio and print commercials that crowd our minds and tempt our children with the newest trend. […] Categories: Caribbean Lifestyle, Caribbean Trading Company, Kids
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Dominoes in Puerto Rico

Dominoes is a quintessential game played throughout the Caribbean.  Each island has it’s own rules and traditions.  For example, in Cuba it is popular to play with Double 9 Dominoes.  In Puerto Rico, we play with the traditional Double 6.  “El Domino” is for Puerto Ricans not simply a game of strategy or just a […] Categories: Caribbean Lifestyle, Caribbean Trading Company, Kids, Puerto Rico
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